Luxury Services

  1. Watch Battery Replacement & Mechanical Watch Service
  2. Watch Strap Replacement
  3. Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing
  4. Leather Goods Embossing

Watch Battery Replacement & Mechanical Watch Service:

We encourage you to change the battery as soon as your quartz watch stops, leaving a dead battery may lead to leaking and causing further damage to the movement. If your watch is equipped with an end of battery life indication (E.O.L) system and you notice that the seconds hand jumps once every four or five seconds, this means that the battery is running out of energy. We have onsite experienced technicians that can do this for you almost as you bring it to us. If there is an issue with your watch movement other than the battery, as may be the case with mechanical watches, you may have to leave it with us and we will send you a quote with our recommendations of how it can be repaired along with a quote of the costs.

Watch Strap Replacement:

Adding a strap can give your watch a fresh new look, weather it is a replacement for an old watch, or as an alternative to match an outfit or a rubber strap to wear to the beach. At Royal Jewels we have a wide range of Leather & Rubber straps available for you to choose from.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing:

Cleaning & polishing your jewelry can give your pieces the sparkle they once had when you first purchased them. While there are many different techniques used today, at Royal Jewels we are able to remove minor scratches on gold and silver pieces by buffing and polishing; we are also able to get your diamonds and gemstones sparkling like the day you bought them with your ultrasonic and steam machines.

Leather Goods Embossing:

There are several ways that we can personalize your leather goods including adding the initials of the person receiving the piece, a corporate logo, or family crest for the perfect unique gift. Ask us what’s possible – you might be surprised.